Sabi's innovative platform seamlessly integrates advanced tools and services, simplifying both domestic and cross-border supply chain transactions.

Together, these services reflect our commitment to facilitating commerce, transparency, and growth.

Sabi Market : The Digital Facilitator for B2B Trade
Sabi Market was conceived to address the particular requirements of the fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG) sector in frontier markets. Taking a user-centric approach, it serves as a central hub where wholesalers, last-mile retailers, logistics partners, and financiers engage with supply from regional distributors. Sabi Market marries proprietary technology to craft a more efficient supply chain with embedded finance to empower the entire ecosystem of actors involved in frontier market physical goods distribution.
This includes a dynamic logistics system to ensure timely deliveries and product integrity, coupled with a range of financial tools designed to cater to varying business needs. By offering tailored financing solutions, we aim to alleviate the financial strains that often accompany bulk purchases. The platform's architecture prioritizes security and transparency, with features that assist in the verification of both buyers and sellers, fostering trust in every transaction.
TRACE: Cross-Border Commodities Operating System
Technology Rails for African Commodity Exchange (TRACE)—is a sophisticated digital platform designed to increase the local value of African exports. TRACE champions ethical procurement while bridging domestic commodity supply with global demand. Grounded in its dedication to efficiency and transparency, TRACE provides a suite of tools that redefine the trade process. Workflow management, paired with rigorous buyer and seller verification and KYC protocols, ensures that every transaction is trackable and trustworthy. From seamless contract execution and consistent quality assurance to near real-time logistics and aggregation tracking, every step is streamlined.
Integral to its offerings are dedicated payment tools and customizable financing options, meeting buyer and seller at every financial juncture. Beyond its tools, TRACE stands as a testament to Sabi's vision of intertwining modern technology with Africa’s trade dynamics. Our cutting-edge traceability management tools guarantee the highest ethical standards, embodying a vision where technology fortifies Africa's global trade presence.
Financial Services
The backbone of any thriving business is its access to reliable financial services, particularly in frontier markets where the journey towards financial stability can be steep.
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), often grapple with an overwhelming challenge: ease of transactions and securing credit in environments that aren’t always conducive. This lack of financial support can greatly hamper their ability to capture market opportunities and can further tether them to the limitations of cash transactions. That's where Sabi's embedded financial services come into play.
Beyond just a service, we offer a lifeline. Our tailored financial solutions address the pain points of inadequate payment tools, preventing the consequential loss of sales and revenues. Moreover, by facilitating smoother credit provision, we empower businesses to meet operational demands, seize growth prospects, and fortify themselves against unforeseen economic hurdles. Sabi merchants aren’t just operating—they're thriving.