Founded with a solutions oriented approach to solving commercial challenges, Sabi has grown to become a significant player in global supply chain services, focusing on the processes involved in the sourcing and distribution of physical goods and commodities across diverse markets.

Sabi has crafted a platform grounded in three core pillars.

  • 01
    Supply Chain Management
  • 02
    Sustainability & Compliance
  • 03
    Financial Services
Meet the Team


Removing barriers
Our platform is engineered to remove barriers, offering businesses direct access to a streamlined supply chain, reliable financial services, and precise market insights.
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Beyond the technology
This commitment to adaptability means that with Sabi, businesses are not just equipped for today’s challenges but are also future-proofed for tomorrow's opportunities.
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Company Values

Why are these our values?


Central to Sabi's mission is trust. We believe in cultivating trust-filled relationships that serve as the bedrock for enduring partnerships.

Sustainable impact

Each partnership is a testament to our collaborative spirit, underpinned by a mutual commitment to sustainability.

Diversity & Education

Through unwavering support and dedication, we champion the growth ambitions of our partners, enriching their journey with education and insights for informed decision-making.


Sabi's dedication to sustainability goes hand-in-hand with our vision of a flourishing and resilient African commercial sector. We understand that enduring success is not solely based on short-term achievements but on establishing resilient systems that persist and evolve.
While our platform and technology tools are designed for efficiency, they also carry the mantle of guiding users towards sustainable practices. Every feature and resource we offer is a step towards ensuring that businesses operate with an eye on the future, considering the broader implications of their decisions.
This commitment isn't just about Sabi's journey, but about uplifting the entire community. By instilling a sense of responsibility and providing the tools to act upon it, we champion a collective move towards a future where each decision made today has a positive echo for years to come.
Sustainability is not a trend; it's a responsibility.
In a world where our actions have far-reaching consequences, the importance of sustainability cannot be overstated.
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